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Library Rules

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1.  Eligibility for Library Membership:

     The following shall be eligible to become members of Library.

     Teachers, students, officers and other employees of the University.

2.  Procedure for enrolment:

     Members of all categories shall fill in the prescribed forms and make the necessary  deposit(s) to become members of the Library. Members will be given Library Membership Cards for borrowing books.

3.  Loss of Library Membership Card:

     If a member loses a Library Membership card, it should be immediately reported to the Librarian. A duplicate Library Membership card may be issued on payment of the required amount.

4.  Responsibility of a borrower:

     Each borrower will be responsible for the books borrowed against the Library Membership card issued to the member, and for the return of the books to the Library without damage.

5.  Conditions regarding issue of General Books:

Category of MemberNo. of VolumesLoan PeriodLibrary Fee/ Caution Deposit
A. Teachers1015 daysnil
101 semesternil
B. Administrative Staff
i)  Officers415 daysnil
ii)  Other Staff215 daysnil
C.  Students
i)    Post Doctorate615 daysLibrary fee/ caution deposit as applicable
ii)   Ph. D615 daysLibrary fee/ caution deposit as applicable
iii)  M. Phil615 daysLibrary fee/ caution deposit as applicable
iv)  Post Graduate415 daysLibrary fee/ caution deposit as applicable
v)    Under Graduate/ Prof. Course415 daysLibrary fee/ caution deposit as applicable

6.  Condition of loan:

      All the members shall take a book on loan in person

7. Renewal of General books:

     General Books can be renewed once to the borrower provided those books have not been requisitioned by any other member. However, renewal will be done only when the book is physically brought to the library.

8.  Condition of Loan for Course Book and Overnight Issue.

A)  Course Book: 2 Books may be issued at a time for a period of 3 days. Books under this category may not be renewed.

B)  Overnight Issue: 2 books may be issued at a time. Books under this category may not be renewed.

9.  Delay of Return :

      Any member delaying the return of a book after the due date will be fined Rs. 2/- per day for General bookRs. 10/- per day for Course book. For Overnight issue, fine will be Rs. 100/- per dayThe defaulter will be suspended from Library Membership after  two  months  of  the  due  date  until  the  outstanding book  is returned.

10.  Special powers:

     A)  The Librarian shall have the power to refuse issue of a book with the approval of the Vice-Chancellor

     B)  Librarian shall have the power to recall any book from a borrower, if it is considered necessary in the interest of the institution.

     C) Librarian shall have the power to punish the defaulter in appropriate measures if it is considered necessary in the interest of the institution, with the approval of the University authority.

11.  Damage of books:

     If any member of the Library is found guilty of mutilating or defacing a book, writing in the  margin or on the  print, or  of  destroying or damaging  Library property

     (A)  Such member shall be required to replace such books or properties damaged. If such book is one of a set or a series and the Volume cannot be obtained singly, the member shall be asked to replace the entire set or series.

     (B)  In case replacement is not feasible, the case will be decided by the Library committee.

12.  Loss of Books:

     A)  If a book borrowed is lost, the member who borrowed it shall have to replace it by the same book or of later edition.

     B)  In case replacement is not feasible, the case will be decided by the Library committee

13.  Suspension of membership:

     In the event of stealingmisuse or damage of books borrowed by a member, the Librarian will have the power to suspend the member, reporting each matter to the Vice-Chancellor for appropriate action.

14.  Termination of Membership:

     A)  Any member intending to terminate the membership shall return all the books borrowed against his/her card and the Library Membership Card. On surrendering the Library Membership Card,  the Librarian shall issue a Library Clearance Certificate.

     B)  Any misconduct which the Librarian feels appropriate for termination of membership may be terminated from membership on the approval of the Vice Chancellor.

15.  With-holding of results:

     The out-going students are required to produce a Library Clearance Certificate from the Librarian, in the absence of which the results of their University examination are to be withheld.

16.  Library Clearance Certificate for obtaining Migration Certificate:

      Library Clearance Certificate may be insisted from the students of Mizoram University seeking Migration Certificate.

17.  Library Clearance Certificate for Employees:

      ‘Library Clearance Certificate’ will be insisted for every employee before releasing him/her from Mizoram University.

18.  Refund of Caution deposit:

      A member who has terminated his Library Membership may claim a refund of the Library Caution  deposit  from Finance Department  of  the  University  after producing the ‘Library Clearance Certificate’ from the Librarian.

19.  Reprography:

A) Indents received will be executed in the order of their receipt in the section.

B) The Photocopying charges will be decided by the Library committee.

C) Full payment will have to be made against receipt before taking delivery.

20.  Mode of payment:

     Any payment (excluding Photocopying charge and late fine) shall be paid to the Finance Department, Mizoram University.

21.  Reference Section:

      Reference books, rare books, unbound periodicals, bound volumes of Journals, and any other expensive or otherwise precious materials will not be issued, but will be kept apart in the reserve section of the Library for on-the-spot use by the members.

22.  Stock Verification :

     All materials on loan irrespective of the normal due date shall be returned in the event of stock verification.

23.  General Rules and Code of Conduct:

A)  Personal belonging such as handbags, files, umbrella, etc. should be left with the attendant at the entrance inside the Library.

B)  Improper behaviour like Smoking, chewing betel nut, spitting, eating, drinking, making noise and using Mobile phones, etc.  are not allowed inside the Library.

C)  Pet like dogs, cats etc. shall not be brought inside the Library.

D)  Library Members must not cause any disturbance or engage in any behavior which interferes with library activities. Proscribed behaviour includes (but is not limited to) verbal abuse, threats of violence, sexual harassment, or use of aggressive words to harass any person.

E)  Library  members  must  not  carry  lethal  weapons  or  other  potentially dangerous items inside the library.

F)  Stern action will be initiated against library members/visitors found vandalizing or defacing library reading materials, furniture, equipment, library building, etc.

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