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Sections of Library

1. Acquisition Section:

Acquisition section is responsible for the selection and purchase of materials or resources. it is the section which manages the budget utilization for purchase of resources. Recommended book list are submitted by each departments which undergo duplicate checking against Library holdings; which are then placed in the meeting of Standing Committee for book Selection . Supply order is placed for procurement of the approved books. Books once received are accessioned and entered into the system by this section which is then transferred to Technical Section for technical processing.

2. Technical Section:

Technical section maintains all the technical works inside the library. This section is entrusted with the activities such as classification, cataloguing and assignment of subject headings where they are processed for transcribing and barcode and then are released for circulation.

3. Circulation Section:

Circulation section is one of the most important sections in the library as it is the gateway between users and documents. This section handles maximum services apart from the provision of lending and renewal of books, services such as registration of library member, issuing of clearance / no dues certificate and maintain statistical information pertaining to the library use. The circulation also provides self-check machine where users can issue books themselves and also OPAC system where users can search the holdings of the library materials. The library also have SMS alert system where the books issued to the user are sent an SMS alert giving information about the due date of the book issued to him/her. This SMS alert is also used for reminder to the users who have overdue loans.

4. Reference Section:

This section maintains the reference information for the users in the library. They consist of materials that are meant to aid research by providing quick and accessible information. The reference sources comprises of dictionaries, bibliographies, directories, atlases etc. This section also maintain government publication, reports, statistical information etc. The central library also have a collection of the research output of the university i.e., PhD theses and dissertations in this section for consultation. However, photocopy and Xerox of these theses are strictly prohibited whereas the other references sources can be made photocopy with the prior permission of the staff.

5. Periodical Section:

Periodical section provides the current information in the library. The major works involves placing of subscriptions order for the print journals and receipt and records the issues of journals/newspapers and renewal of subscription and the maintenance of current journals. The library subscribes journals for different academic departments comprising of 219 including National and International journals with 4 national newspapers and 16 local newspapers. These periodicals are displayed in the racks and can be consulted but they are not for issue. However, users can take a photocopy with the prior permission of the concern staff.

6. Bound Volume Section:

Bound Volume Section is the section which maintains the bound volume of back issues from the periodical section. Once a volume is no longer current, the library gathers up the issue in that volume and binds them together. These are bound periodicals and are given a separate accession and also classification numbers. This section can be consulted and Xerox can be made with the permission of the staff.

7. Reprographic section:

This section provides the facilities of Photo-copying, Printing, Lamination, Spiral binding & Passport size photograph.

8. Computer Section:

This section is the most vital section in the library as it provides the main support to the library automation programme and maintains support services for the maintenance of library software. They are responsible for creation and updating of database and the overall LAN troubleshooting and internet services in the library.

9. Establishment Section:

This section is responsible for the handling of the routine administrative works such as correspondence of receipts and dispatch works, bill processing, keeping records of various administrative activities etc. They also deal with the requisition of stationery and other infrastructure and other miscellaneous items required by the library.

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